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In this article, we will explain what you can find in TimeChimp.

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Time tracking

It all starts with the registration screen in TimeChimp. Here you have the option to create a time registration. You enter what you are doing and for whom.

Read more about time registration here.

Expense registration

Easily and quickly register expenses you incur for a specific client or project. This can include fuel costs as well as advertising expenses.

Read more about expense registration here.

Note: Available from the Business package.

Mileage registration

Register your business, personal, or commuting mileage with TimeChimp. Attribute them to specific clients for billing purposes or record them for internal administration.

Read more about mileage registration here.

Note: Available from the Business subscription


In Overviews, you will find all your registrations. Easily and quickly see which hours have been registered, submitted, and the corresponding revenues. Overviews provide you with control and a clear overview of your registrations.

Read more about Overviews here.


If you are using the planning module, you will find the employees scheduled for different projects and their availability here. At a glance, see who still has available time for the next assignment or who could use some extra help.

Read more about Planning here.

Note: Available in the Professional subscription.


Under Projects, you will find a clear overview of the projects you have created. Each project has its own project dashboard where you can easily track the progress of your project through a readable line chart.

Choose the desired employees, activities, billing method, and budget for each project. Read more about the project dashboard, project overview, and different billing methods here.

Note: Available from the Business subscription.


Create clients and contacts within TimeChimp. Set up your client card with name, address, and contact person details for each client.

Read more about creating relations here.


HRM is the place where you "manage" your employees. Add leave balances, process overtime, and see who is or isn't recording their hours. It is a central place where you can find all the information you need about your employees.


Under Financial, you will find invoices, quotes, and self-billing invoices. Turn your registrations into invoices within 28 seconds. Create quotes for your clients and directly convert them into projects. Alternatively, generate invoices for contractors and streamline their invoicing process to accelerate your cash flow.

Read more about invoicing, quotes, and self-billing here.


Under Settings, you can create activities, products, or client portals. Manage the general settings of your TimeChimp environment here.

Read more about Manage and Settings here.

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