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How to use project schedule

Allocate your employees by using the project schedule

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In this article, we explain how to allocate employees to a project using project planning.

Please note: Project planning can only be used with the Professional package.

You have a wide range of projects and assignments. How do you allocate your employees to them easily with planning?

Table of contents

Different planning overviews

When you go to the planning page, you can work from two different views. On the one hand, we have the project view, and on the other hand, you have the employee view.

  • Project view

    Here you can see at a glance which employees are allocated to which projects. By expanding the projects, you can see the distribution of employees. The advantage of this view is that you can easily and quickly see who is allocated to which project.

    If desired, you can assign different colors to projects. You do this at the project level by determining a project color. This increases the readability of your overview.

    Finally, it is possible to see the hourly budget on this page. Have you given the project a budget? Then you will see the number of scheduled hours from today (in black) and the number of remaining budget hours (in gray) under the question mark.

  • Employee view

    If you choose the employee view, you can see at once which employees are allocated or still available. Click on the employee to see which projects they are allocated to.

    You will see different colors that increase readability:
    Green: The employee is scheduled for exactly the number of roster hours.
    Orange: The employee has availability. The number in the orange box indicates how many hours an employee still has available.
    Red: The employee is scheduled for more hours than the roster specifies. The number in the red box indicates how many hours an employee is overbooked.
    Black: The employee is not available to be scheduled.
    White: The employee is not allocated to anything.

Allocating employees

To fill in your planning, it is important to allocate employees. This can be done from both the project view and the employee view. Click on the box where you want to allocate the employee to open the pop-up window.

Then enter:

  • How many hours per day should be worked on the project/activity?

  • How many hours in total should be worked?

  • Over which period should the hours be scheduled? For example, does it apply to five days? Then enter the start date of May 1 and the end date of May 5. If it concerns a number of consecutive weeks, enter the start and end date of the first period. If it is a weekly repeat, enter the period.

  • Optionally, enter which activity should be done.

  • Optionally, add a description.

  • Indicate whether this should be repeated weekly. Note: If you subsequently change the scheduled hours, you always edit the entire series.

Adding projects

Projects are not automatically added to the planning. It may be that you do not need planning for all projects. Do you want to add a new project? Then click on '+Add project' in the top right corner and select the project you want to add.

Not available

Sometimes employees are on vacation, leave, or are just sick. That can happen, of course. To easily see whether someone can be scheduled or not, set their absence to "not available." This will display a black block, making it easy to recognize.

Retrieving employee planning

Not entirely unimportant: How does the employee view the planning? This can be done in different ways:

  • Mobile app: The employee sees the suggestion ready for the day.

  • Web application: The employee finds their schedule under 'My profile' > "My schedule".

  • Web application: The employee can retrieve the schedule in an empty week. The registrations are then filled in advance. It is also possible to retrieve the schedule with suggestions.

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