How can I track my mileage

Learn how you can work with the mileage module

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In this article, we take a quick look at the mileage module and how you can use it to track your mileage.

How do I track my mileage in TimeChimp?

Are you often on the road for work and tired of manually tracking your mileage? No worries, TimeChimp has a mileage-tracking module! All you have to do is activate this feature in the app centre, and you can start tracking your trips.

The mileage module is part of TimeChimp's "business" package. You can read more on the pricing page.

How does it work? Go to the 'tracking' menu and then choose 'mileage' to get started. You can then enter all the necessary information, such as the customer, the project, the start and end location and even a description of the trip. You can also specify what type of trip it was, whether you want to add a return trip and whether the trip is billable.

Note: When calculating the number of kilometers, TimeChimp takes the fastest route at the moment you make the registration. The calculation is made through an integration with Google Maps.

And if you thought it couldn't get any better, you're wrong! Once a vehicle has been created and linked, you can select it at the top by pressing the car button. This allows you to filter for a particular vehicle later if necessary. In addition, you can also create favourite addresses, which you will then see reflected in the start and end location menus. Now click on "add mileage," and voila, your trip registration is complete!

You could also choose to do this entirely automatically via our integration with trips in the cloud. You can find out more about that here.

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