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Trips in the Cloud - GPS trip and mileage registration
Trips in the Cloud - GPS trip and mileage registration

Connect Trips in the Cloud to TimeChimp for automatic GPS trip and mileage registration.

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How to easily integrate Trips in the Cloud with TimeChimp for trip and mileage tracking via GPS.


About Trips in the Cloud

Simple trip registration without unnecessary features and easy to implement. With a GPS tracker in the car, you can automatically register your trips and mileage. Of course, this is fully tax-proof.

What can you import from Trips in the Cloud?

The trips you make are automatically registered based on GPS and forwarded to Timechimp. This way, you have all registrations in one central place.

How do I set up the connection?

It's simple, you only need to provide your API key from TimeChimp to Trips in the Cloud, and then they will set up the connection for you.

As an administrator, you can find the API key via Settings (gear icon) -> App center -> API.

You can then contact Trips in the Cloud via After you have provided the API Key, they will set up the connection.

Using the integration

After receiving confirmation from Trip in the Clouds that the integration has been set up, the trips you take with the car equipped with the GPS-tracker will be automatically recorded. The kilometers will be logged under the user who created the API token.

Currently, the integration does not have the option to (automatically) register trips for different users using a single GPS tracker.

Please note:

The API token expires after 1 year. It is best to schedule an appointment in your calendar and provide a new Token to Trips in the Cloud in a timely manner. This is not yet an automatic process.

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