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Add a vehicle

Add vehicles to your mileage registrations to enhance your overviews

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This article describes how to add vehicles to your TimeChimp environment (possible from the Business Package onwards) to record your trips on.

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Adding a vehicle

To ensure that your trip registrations become even more well-organised & specified, it is possible to link your trips to a vehicle! Just like activities & products, vehicles can be created in the manage section of the settings.

Click on the settings icon in the top right corner > Manage > Vehicles. You will then see the screen below! Click + New Vehicle at the top right.

You can then enter the make, type of car, registration number and applicable employees. Only these employees will be given the option to choose this vehicle when registering trips.

Easy as peeling a banana! You're ready to register. Go to register > Mileage and select your vehicle !

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