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How to add your employees to TimeChimp
How to add your employees to TimeChimp

Add your employees to TimeChimp and let them also register their hours.

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Adding your employees is, of course, essential, and in this article, we will demonstrate the two ways you can do it: manually or through import.

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Add your employees via 'HRM'

The first option for adding employees is through the 'HRM' module. When you go there, you will see '+ New employee(s)' in the top right corner. Click on it, and the menu below will appear.

Enter the name, email address, role, and language of the employee. You can also choose whether the employee(s) should receive an invitation right away and whether the employee(s) should be added to all current projects. If you want to add multiple employees, click on '+ add another employee' and enter the details of the other employee. Then just click on 'Add,' and your colleagues can start registering their time via TimeChimp!

Import your employees via CSV file

The second option for adding employees is through an import, which can be useful if you need to add many employees at once.

The first step is to create an Excel file with the following columns. We've already created a template document you can use.

  • Name

  • Email

  • Labels (if you use multiple labels, separate them with a ',')

  • Language (ned, eng, dui, pol, fra, and spa)

  • Sales hourly rate

Save the file as a .CSV file and go to the TimeChimp settings by clicking on the gear icon.

In the settings, go to 'Import/export' > 'CSV/Excel' and then 'Import employees.' Upload the .CSV file you just created with all the employees, select whether your file contains column names or not, and click 'Start uploading.'

TimeChimp will ask you which column contains which information; select the correct column or use 'Skip column' if it doesn't apply. The last thing you need to do is click 'Start importing,' and all employees will be added to TimeChimp and immediately receive an email to activate their account.

And that's it! You've added your employees to TimeChimp, and they can start registering their hours, expenses, and/or trips!

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