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How to connect Nmbrs with TimeChimp
How to connect Nmbrs with TimeChimp

With the Nmbrs integration, you can easily import employees and export hours.

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How to easily integrate Nmbrs with TimeChimp to effortlessly import employees and export hours.


About Nmbrs

Nmbrs is a cloud-based software platform for payroll and HR administration. It is primarily used by employers, accountants, and payroll service providers in the Netherlands to manage payroll, HR, and other related tasks. The platform offers various features such as automatic tax calculation, integration with other accounting software, time tracking, and reporting. It is designed to simplify the payroll and HR administration process, reduce errors, and save time.

What can you import/export from/to Nmbrs?

Through the integration, it is possible to easily export registered hours from TimeChimp to Nmbrs. This allows employees to track their time in just one place. Nmbrs is used, among other things, for employee payroll processing.

Activating the integration

To set up the integration, go to the App Center in TimeChimp. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and then click on App Center.

Next, go to the Nmbrs settings page in TimeChimp (Settings -> Nmbrs). There are four fields that need to be filled in:

  1. The email address you use to log in to Nmbrs.

  2. The Access token. Read here how to obtain a token, and then fill it in.

  3. fill in the domain. The domain name can be easily found, among other places, in the URL of your Nmbrs account. This is the name that precedes '' when you are logged in to Nmbrs. See the image below for an example.

  4. Select the desired Nmbrs administration.

Codes notation in Nmbrs

In Nmbrs, activities are categorized based on a code. You can find these codes in your hour model. In TimeChimp, there are three default codes that you can assign: Worked hours, sick hours, and vacation hours.

Then, you set the correct hour code for each activity, so that when you export to Nmbrs, the hours go to the right place.

What permissions should I give the API user?

The easiest way is to log in as an 'admin' in Nmbrs, then go to 'User Profile' in the top right corner, and click on 'API Token'. Here, you can retrieve an API token with all permissions. If you don't want the API token to have all permissions, you can always create a new user template in Nmbrs (Settings -> Template Users) and give it at least the following permissions:


  • List_GetAll

  • HourModel_GetHourCodes

  • HourModel2_GetHourCodes


  • Contract_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany

  • PersonalInfo_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany

  • HourComponentVar_Insert_Batch

  • DaysVar_Set_Batch

  • HourComponentVar_Get

Connecting Activities

As described, you can link an activity in TimeChimp to Nmbrs by using an hour code. Go to Management, then to the Activities tab, and open an activity to edit it. Below the name of the activity, you will see an additional field called 'Product/Article'. Click on the field to see the available Nmbrs hour codes to link the activity. Select the desired code and click Save.

Once an employee writes hours on this activity and you export these hours, they will now be processed in the right place in Nmbrs.

Importing employees

The integration makes it possible to import employees from Nmbrs to TimeChimp. Keep in mind the following:


  • The employee's first name, last name, and email address are imported from Nmbrs into TimeChimp.

  • The employee is imported based on the work email address as entered in Nmbrs. If it is not filled in Nmbrs, the employee will not be imported.

  • The employee must have a contract in Nmbrs. If not, the employee will be processed as an inactive user in TimeChimp upon import. The employee will not be able to use TimeChimp.

How do you import employees?

Go to your General Settings (gear icon in the top right corner) and click on the Import tab. There you will see the 'Nmbrs' tile. There are 3 options:

Select the desired option and click on Start importing.

Once the import is successful, you can find the new employee(s), or the changes to the employee(s), in the Teams tab.


If you have imported a new employee, they will also be automatically added to your subscription and included in the billing.

Exporting hours

You can easily export all hours from TimeChimp to Nmbrs.

Go to your General Settings and click on the Export tab. Click on the Nmbrs tile. Set the year and month for which you want to export the hours.

Then click on Start exporting. If the export is successful, you will see the total number of hours exported for each employee for that period.

But what if hours in TimeChimp are edited after they have been exported to Nmbrs? If hours are edited in TimeChimp after an export, these hours will be updated in Nmbrs at the next export. Select the period in which the hours were registered and export them to Nmbrs. Only the changes will be updated.

How can you set up TimeChimp and Nmbrs for insight into leave balances?

It is ideal for an employee to have one environment in which they can register leave and view the remaining balance. This ensures easy and clear administration.

However, it is important for the company administration to keep track of leave in both environments.Once the employee is created or imported into TimeChimp, the leave balance can be set.

Read here how it works. Also set the leave balance in Nmbrs for the employee.

Make sure the Leave activity has the correct Nmbrs hour code set in TimeChimp. When the employee now starts registering time for the Leave activity, it is automatically deducted from his/her balance in TimeChimp.

Both the employee and the manager(s) of TimeChimp can see this in the employee's dashboard.

By exporting the hours to Nmbrs, the leave balance is also deducted there and can be used for, among other things, payroll.

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