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How to connect Loket to Timechimp
How to connect Loket to Timechimp

With the "Loket" integration, you can easily import employees and export hours.

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How to easily integrate Loket with TimeChimp to effortlessly import employees and export hours.


About Loket provides an online platform for payroll administration and HR management for companies, accountants, and administration offices. The platform is cloud-based, which means that customers have access to their data from any location with internet access. The platform includes payroll administration, leave registration, time registration, employee files, employment contracts, absence registration, and reporting, among others.

What can you export to Loket?

You can easily export hours to Loket and import employees to TimeChimp.

Activating the integration

To create an integration with Loket, go to Settings (gear icon) in the main menu -> App Center and click on the Loket app. You can activate this for free.

When activating the integration, you will be redirected to Loket to fill in your login details and grant TimeChimp access. Once you have successfully completed this, you will be redirected to the Loket settings page in TimeChimp (Settings -> Loket).

Fill in all settings here as completely as possible.

Importing employees

When you have a connection with Loket, you can import all employees from Loket under Settings -> Import.

You can then view them in the HRM tab.

There is also an option under Settings -> Loket to run an automatic import every night for importing your employees.

Please note:

The integration is based on the email address. Therefore, make sure that the employee's email address in Loket is always filled in.

Exporting hours

You can easily export all hours per period for all employees in Loket.

You can only export the hours of the employees that you have imported from Loket. Therefore, it is important to first run this import if it has not yet been done. If there are already employees in the system, but they are not from Loket, you can run the import with the option 'update existing'.

Furthermore, under Settings > App Centre > Loket, you can fill in the correct wage components for regular hours, sick hours, and leave hours.

To export, go to Settings -> Export. Choose Loket and select the year and month (period), then click Start. If the export was successful, you will receive the total number of exported hours per employee for that period.

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