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How to connect Twinfield to TimeChimp
How to connect Twinfield to TimeChimp

With the Twinfield connection, you can easily import customers and create invoices/sales entries.

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How to easily integrate Twinfield with TimeChimp and import customers, create invoices, and generate sales entries.

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About Twinfield

Twinfield is an online accounting software that helps businesses keep track of their financial administration. It offers features such as recording income and expenses, creating invoices, managing debtors and creditors, and generating reports and analyses. Twinfield was developed by Wolters Kluwer and is used by small and medium-sized businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers around the world.

What can you import/export to and from Twinfield?

With the Twinfield connection from TimeChimp, you can import or export the following data to and from Twinfield:

  • Customers: You can import customer data from Twinfield to TimeChimp and vice versa.

  • Invoices: You can create invoices in Twinfield from TimeChimp. These invoices will appear as draft invoices in Twinfield.

  • Sales entries: If you do not use the invoice module of TimeChimp, you can create sales entries in Twinfield from TimeChimp.

  • VAT rates: You can import VAT rates from Twinfield to TimeChimp and vice versa.

How do I set up the connection?

To create a connection with Twinfield, go to Settings (gear icon) in the main menu > App Center > Integrations and click on the Twinfield app. You can activate this for free.

When activating the connection, you will be automatically redirected to Twinfield to enter your login details and grant TimeChimp access. After this is successfully completed, you will arrive at the Twinfield settings page in TimeChimp (Settings > App Center > Twinfield). Make sure to fill in all settings as completely as possible.

When setting up the profit and loss statement, it is used as the default when creating an invoice in Twinfield or forwarding a sales entry to Twinfield.

It is possible to link a different profit and loss statement to an activity at Gear icon > Management > Activities, allowing it to deviate from the default.

Simply choose a different product/item, see the screen below.

Importing customers

At Settings > Import, you can import all customers from Twinfield. You can then view these customers at Management > Customers.

Note that the connection is made based on the customer number field in TimeChimp, which must match the customer number in Twinfield.

You can also choose to set up an automatic nightly import of your customers, which will import your customers and update existing customer data in TimeChimp.

When updating existing customers, the customer number is checked. If the customer numbers in Twinfield and TimeChimp do not match, a new customer will be created.

The following fields are imported:

You can also choose to first create your customers in TimeChimp. When creating an invoice in Twinfield, it will then automatically create the customer in Twinfield if it does not exist.

The following fields are then exported:

Creating an invoice

You can easily create an invoice from all hours, expenses, and rides in Twinfield. Go to Overview > Hours, select the hours (or expenses/rides), and choose Actions > Invoice in Twinfield. This invoice will appear as a draft in Twinfield.

You can also invoice your customers/projects in Twinfield from Financial > Uninvoiced.

This can be useful for projects that, for example, have a subscription or fixed price as the billing method.

The following fields are transferred for the invoice in Twinfield:

Creating a sales entry

Do you want to use the invoice module of TimeChimp? Then create your invoice there and, after sending the invoice to the customer, create a sales booking in Twinfield. The sales entry can still be edited in Twinfield afterwards.

You can do this under 'financial > invoices' (select the invoices) or from the invoice itself. Then choose Actions > Create Twinfield Sales Booking.

Please note that the invoice must be sent before this button is visible.

Standard 8020 is used as the default profit and loss account for the sales booking rules. Do you want to change this? Then you can enter a different code in the 'Code' field when editing the activity. This can also be done when editing the invoice itself (last column 'Code').

The following fields are exported:

VAT rates

If you have set up separate VAT rates in Twinfield, you can enter them in TimeChimp at Settings > General. When adding/editing a VAT rate, you can enter the Twinfield VAT code in the code field, so that the line is directly linked to the correct VAT rate. You can also let the VAT run through the item/product.


You need at least level 3 to create an invoice in Twinfield.


Are you getting the following error message when setting up the link with Twinfield?

Remove your cookies and cache and refresh the page with CTRL + F5 and try again.

Still not working? Then contact our support via the chat button at the bottom right of your screen. Make sure to take a screenshot of the error you receive, this will make finding the issue easier for our support team!

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