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How to connect WeFact to TimeChimp
How to connect WeFact to TimeChimp

With the WeFact integration, you can easily import customers and create invoices/sales bookings.

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How to easily integrate WeFact with TimeChimp and import customers, create invoices, and generate sales entries.

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About WeFact

WeFact is an invoicing and accounting software package that helps businesses easily and efficiently generate invoices, manage customer data, and track financial transactions. It is designed to streamline the invoicing process and simplify administrative tasks.

WeFact offers functionalities such as creating and sending professional invoices, managing debtors and creditors, generating reports, and tracking payments. It is a versatile solution suitable for both small businesses and independent professionals.

Activate Integration

To establish a connection with WeFact, go to Settings -> App Center and click on the WeFact App. You can activate it for free.

Upon activation, you will be redirected to the WeFact settings page in TimeChimp (Settings -> WeFact).

Follow the steps below:

  • Specify which subscription you are using: WeFact or HostFact.

  • Go to WeFact -> Settings -> API and activate it.

  • Add the following IP addresses to the whitelist of WeFact:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Note: This process is cumbersome and WeFact is working on improving it in the future.

  • Copy the API key from WeFact and paste it into TimeChimp.


In WeFact, you can create products that are linked to invoice lines with the correct VAT percentage and category (including the appropriate general ledger account).

In TimeChimp, you can choose a default product on the WeFact settings page (see screenshot above). Additionally, you can also link a product to an activity or an expense category (when editing the activity/category).

When you record hours on this activity and create an invoice, they will automatically have the correct category and VAT percentage.

Import Customers

If you have a connection with WeFact, you can import all customers from WeFact under Settings -> Import. You can find them in Manage -> Customers.

The connection is made based on the customer number field in TimeChimp, which must match the debtor number in WeFact.

You can also choose to first create your customers in TimeChimp. When creating an invoice in WeFact, it will automatically create the customer in WeFact if it does not exist.

Create Invoice

You can easily create an invoice for all hours, expenses, and trips in WeFact. Go to Reports -> Hours, select the hours (or expenses/trips), and choose Actions -> Invoice in WeFact.

You can also invoice your customers/projects in WeFact from Unbilled under Reports. This can be useful for projects with subscription or fixed-price billing methods.

Note: For HostFact, you need to enter the URL where your HostFact is running. It should be the complete URL without "/apiv2/api/php." So not, but

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