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How to read the projects overview

View and filter all active and archived projects, and see your costs & budgets

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This article will guide you through the project overview. Know exactly where you stand and how to find the right projects!

Table of contents

Overview in your overview

Hey there! Do you ever get confused about what's going on in your projects overview on TimeChimp? Don't worry, we've got your back! In this knowledge base article, we're going to show you how to read your project overview like a pro.

Let's start with an overview of the overview (got it?). At the top, you select whether you want to see old (archived) or active projects.

For each project, you see the project name, client name and start and end dates. If you want to see the hours and invoices per project, you can click on the project name and get a detailed overview of that project. Read more about this in the article about project dashboards.

Filter options

Along with a number of filters, you can fine-tune your data. Choose the period you are interested in and the projects you want to see and you are good to go. Scroll down and you'll see a list of all your projects. No project in sight? Then it's time to create one! You can add new projects by clicking the "Add project" button. It doesn't get any simpler, does it?

To filter properly, you have the following options:

  • filter by period

  • filter by customer name

  • filter by project name

  • filter on project tags

  • filter by invoicing method

  • filter by favourites

Using various filters, you will see the right projects! You can also group them by customer or main project.

TIP: click on the asterisk of your most important projects so you can easily filter on Favorites.

Budgets & expenses

In your overview you will see a number of columns. These include the columns Budget, Spent, Remaining and Cost. The values of these columns depend on your project's budget settings. Read more about this in this knowledge base article.

The budget column shows how many hours or financial resources you still have left on this project! Is there a currency sign in front of it? Then you can read here how much can still be spent, financially. Is there nothing in front of it? Then the column shows how many hours are remaining.

Under spent you can see how many hours you have already spent or how much money a project has generated, depending on the budget method. Under the heading remaining you can see how many hours or funds are left. Cost shows what all hours have cost so far. This is a calculation based on the employee's purchase rate (salary). Information on how to set this can be found here.

And that's all that can be seen on the projects overview! No rocketscience, right? So if you're ever confused about what you see again, just look at this guide and you'll be right back up to date.

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