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Getting started with manage
Getting started with manage

How do I quickly add elements to my TimeChimp environment?

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In this article, we'll look at the manage tab. Here you'll find many of your own created elements that you use in TimeChimp.

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Where can I find management?

Management is located under the gear icon in the upper right corner. Click on it, and you'll immediately land on management.

Which tabs can I find in management?

Below is a brief overview of all the tabs you can find in management.

Note! The tabs you see here depend on your role, package, and the apps you have enabled.


Create tasks here and configure them.

Shift templates

Create and manage templates for scheduling employees.


Create and manage positions for scheduling employees.


Create labels for hours, projects, customers or employees. By labelling, you add extra context to, for example, your registrations.


Enter standard products used to register expenses.


Enter the cars used to register mileage.


Create allowance rules for a certain date or time.


Create and manage locations for scheduling employees.

Customer portals

Invite customers to their customer portal and set it up here.

Time clocks

Create and manage time clocks.

Contract types

Create contract types with allowance rules and overtime conditions.


Create custom roles with specific permissions.


Import holidays per country and year

VAT rates

Set which VAT rates are used

Time off types

Create different types of leave.

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