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Getting started with the Time Clock
Getting started with the Time Clock

How to set up a time clock in TimeChimp and on location for your staff

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Find out what a time clock is and how to quickly set up a time clock as an administrator.

Table of Contents

What is a time clock

With the Time Clock, you can allow employees to clock in from a specific location using a single device. An employee can clock in at the location using their own password. Additionally, you can also enable photo verification, where employees are required to take a photo during check-in and check-out. When the work is finished, employees can clock out using the time clock.

Tip! The TimeChimp time clock works best on an Apple iPad.

How to set up a time clock in TimeChimp

Step 1: Activate the module in TimeChimp

First, you need to activate the Time Clock module in the app centre. Click on the gear icon and then select the app centre. Activate the Time Clock module here. The time clock is now active.

Step 2: Create a time clock

Next, go to the manage tab and navigate to Time Clocks. Click on the "New Time Clock" button in the top right corner to create a new time clock.

Step 3: Configure the time clock

Here, you can adjust various settings for your time clock. You can give the time clock a name and link it to a customer, project, or activity. If you don't enter a name, the time clock will use the organization's name. If you don't specify a customer/project, employees can choose them when clocking in. Similarly, if you don't enter an activity, employees can select one.

Step 4: Assign employee(s) to the time clock

Here, you can indicate whether photo verification should be used. If enabled, employees will be required to take a photo with the tablet when clocking in and out. This helps prevent "time clock fraud." Additionally, you can select individual employees or entire teams who will be using the time clock.

You also need to assign a time clock manager. A Time Clock Manager is the only employee authorized to activate the time clock on a tablet. The Time Clock Manager also has the right to modify the customer, project, activity, or location. Only administrators have the right to create a time clock. Additionally, the Time Clock Manager has the same rights as any other employee.

Once everything is set up, click on "Add." Your time clock is now created and ready for use.

How to configure the time clock on a location

As the time clock manager, you will receive an email with a link to configure the time clock. Here's how to proceed:

Step 1: Open the time clock

Click on the link in your email or copy and paste it into your browser to access the time clock. Log in with your email address and password for your standard TimeChimp account and click "Continue."

Step 2: Select a time clock

After logging in, the screen will change. You will see the company name appear in the top left corner and the option to log out in the bottom left corner. On the right side, select the desired time clock. If there is only one time clock, it will be automatically preselected. Click on "Confirm" to prepare the time clock for use.

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