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Great, you are going to track your time with TimeChimp. But how does TimeChimp work?

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In this article, we will explain how to easily make your registrations in TimeChimp.

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Time registration

You can register your time in the Register Hours screen.

Here, you enter for whom you are making the registration (client) and what you are doing (activity). Provide the duration of your activity using the method chosen by your organisation. This can be done with a start and end time, duration (hh:mm), or by using the timer.

Your registrations will appear on the right side of the screen.

If you only work with entering the number of hours/minutes, the weekly overview can be a helpful display for you. Choose the display option that works best for you in the top right corner!

Read more about time registration here.


  • Use suggestions to get suggestions from your calendar and/or planning for your registrations.

  • Easily copy previous week. If you haven't made any registrations in the week yet, you can copy the previous week.

Expense registration

In addition to time, it is also possible to register expenses you incur for a client, project, or that you are allowed to claim.

Select the desired client, project, and expense type again. If your expense is not listed, please contact the responsible person in your TimeChimp environment. They can assist you further!

Read more about expense registration here.

Note: The expenses are always displayed without the VAT amount. For example, if you have an expense of €10 including VAT, it will be displayed as €8.26!

Mileage registration

Register your private trips, business trips, or commuting trips for your client or employer. With TimeChimp, you can easily link them to the appropriate client.

Using the "From" and "To" function, the fastest route at the time of entry is automatically calculated. Read more about trip registration here.

Note: We use Google to calculate the current fastest route. This is based on the moment of entering the registration.

Submitting registrations for approval

You may need to submit your hours for approval by your supervisor or project manager. You can easily do this from any registration screen. Once you have made a registration, you will find the "** Submit" button at the bottom right. This applies to both hours, trips, and expenses.

Click the button at the bottom right to submit all hours, expenses, or trips collectively. However, this must be done per type of registration. If you want to submit each individual registration, click on the three dots at the end of the registration and choose "Submit!"


In Overviews, you will find all the registrations you have made. This applies to expenses, trips, and hours!

My profile

You can find your personal settings under "My Profile." Here, you can change your email address, language, or connect your calendar to TimeChimp.

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