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How do I register an expenses?

Easily register the expenses you make for your clients and projects.

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In this article, we'll show you how to create and record expenses in TimeChimp. We'll guide you through where to create expenses in the settings and how to register them for your client or project.

Table of contents:

How to create an expense in TimeChimp

Note: you need an administrator role to create and edit expenses in the settings.

The first step is to add your expenses in TimeChimp, which are called 'products' in the settings. To add them, go to the settings (gear icon) > Management > Products. Then click on "New product" and enter the name of the product and a selling and purchase price if applicable.

If you're using a connection, you can link the expense to the product or article as it appears in the system with which the connection is made.

Registering an expense in TimeChimp

Now you're ready to register your new expense. Go to the 'Tracking' module and click on 'Expenses'. You'll then arrive at the expense form. Here, you'll enter all the necessary information, such as the client, project, and of course, which expense you made.

You also have more options, such as adding a description if you want to provide more context about the expense, a quantity, the VAT percentage, and whether the expense is billable. The last thing you need to do is click on 'Add expense', and you've registered the expense.

The registration form you see above in the image is the default setting. You may see fewer options, which is because your employer has customized the form.

Customizing the registration form

You can also customize the registration form you see above. For example, you can indicate that you only want to see the project, description, and quantity. No more hassle with unnecessary input fields, but just easily and quickly register your expense.

By clicking on the eye icon, the field is visible and optional. If you enable the asterisk icon, the field is required when registering the expense.

That's it! You now know how to register expenses and add products to your environment. Who knows, maybe you'll soon be the go-to person for all your TimeChimp questions in your office.

Adding an internal expense

You can also use 'Expenses' to have employees fill in their expense claims so that you, as an administrator, also have an overview these expenses. You do this by letting your employees register these declarations under the internal client and the internal project. TimeChimp sets up an internal client and internal project by default with the name 'Internal', but perhaps your organisation has already changed this to the organisations name.

This internal project is not billable by default, so expenses will never accidentally appear on an invoice.

Tip: customize the registration form and make 'Attachment' mandatory, so employees always have to add a receipt!

Once employees have filled in their expense claims, you can easily export an overview and the attachments from 'Overviews' so that you can reimburse your employees!

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