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Become a pro with reports and create overview, exports and invoice via TimeChimp

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Learn how to effectively utilize the "Reports" module in TimeChimp. This guide covers filters and columns, exporting options, and various actions that can be performed, including editing or deleting registrations, approving or submitting registrations, invoicing, and changing the status of registrations. Discover the power of Reports and optimize your time tracking and management processes.

You might have guessed it already, under 'Reports' you will find an overview of all registrations made by you, your team, your project, or all your employees. In this beginner's guide to 'Overviews,' we will show you what is possible in this module. Let's get started!

Table of Contents

Filters & Columns

When you open overviews, you will see (hopefully) a lot of registrations. At the top, you can apply various filters to find exactly what you are looking for, such as time registrations of a specific employee on a specific project, or invoiced expenses made in March of last year, for example. The possibilities are almost endless, and by applying filters, you will be able to get even more out of TimeChimp!

In addition to filters, you can also select columns that you want to see or not see, another way to only see what you want in 'Overviews'.

To do this, select 'Columns' in the top right and check the columns you need. Furthermore, all filters, search actions, sorting, etc., will be remembered within the overviews when you come back to this screen!


Once you have selected the filters and columns that are important to you, you can also export this overview in various ways.


This function copies the selected registrations, which you can then paste wherever you want.


Print the selected employees and set columns.


Export the selected registrations and all columns, including those not selected.

Excel (All)

Exports all registrations and columns but takes into account the period you have selected.


Export all selected registrations and columns to an Excel file in CSV format.


Export the selected registrations with selected columns to a PDF file.


Through 'Actions,' you have the possibility to do a few more things, such as:

  • Edit or delete registrations

  • Approve or submit registrations (if you have enabled this module)

  • Invoice in TimeChimp or the system you have an integration with

  • Write off registrations

  • Change the status of registrations


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