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The different modules within TimeChimp
How to invoice in external party software
How to invoice in external party software

Invoice from TimeChimp into your favorite accounting or invoicing software.

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This article describes how to invoice in an external software package via TimeChimp.

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Activate the right integration

TimeChimp consists of modules that can be activated and deactivated. In addition, several integrations have been built with various external software packages. You can find the possible integrations in TimeChimp in our App Center. This can be found under Settings (settings icon) in the main menu and then the 'App Center' tab, then click on integrations and voila!

Click on a module/app to activate or deactivate it. Which ones they are and exactly how to do this, you can read about each integration via this link.

Start invoicing!

Now that you have set up the integration, you can get started. You can easily create an invoice of all hours, expenses, and trips in your external system. To do this, go to Reports -> Hours > select the hours (or expenses/ milages) and choose Actions -> Invoice in Your Integration.

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