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How to connect Visma eAccounting to TimeChimp
How to connect Visma eAccounting to TimeChimp

With the Visma integration, you can easily import customers and create invoices/sales bookings.

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How to easily integrate Visma eAccounting with TimeChimp and import customers, create invoices, and generate sales entries.

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About Visma eAccounting

Visma eAccounting is an online accounting software package designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their accounting and financial processes. It is offered by Visma, a leading company in the field of business cloud solutions.

Visma eAccounting offers various functionalities, such as invoice creation, debtor and creditor management, financial data tracking, generating financial reports, and processing bank transactions. It is designed to simplify and streamline the accounting process for entrepreneurs.

Activating the Integration

To establish a connection with Visma, go to Settings (gear icon) in the main menu -> App Center, and click on the Visma app. You can activate it for free.

During the activation, you will be redirected to Visma to enter your login credentials and grant TimeChimp access.

Once you have successfully completed this process, you will be redirected to the Visma settings page in TimeChimp (Settings -> Visma). Fill in all the settings as completely as possible.

Next, go to Settings > Manage > Activities to link the activities in TimeChimp to the correct accounting items from Visma. Do this as follows:

  1. Open an activity in TimeChimp by clicking on the three dots in 'Activities' and then 'Edit'

  2. Open Visma in another tab to find the accounting items you want to link to the activities in TimeChimp

  3. In TimeChimp, add the 'Guid' that you found in Visma to the field 'Accounting article'. A Guid looks like this:

  4. Save your activity, and when you export invoices or hours to Visma, the activities will be linked correctly!

Importing Customers

When you have a connection with Visma, you can import all customers from Visma under Settings -> Import. You can then view them under Management -> Customers. The connection is based on the customer number field in TimeChimp, which must match the customer number in Visma.

There is also an option to enable automatic nightly import of your customers under Settings -> Visma.

Alternatively, you can choose to first create your customers in TimeChimp.

When creating an invoice in Visma, the customer will be automatically created in Visma if it does not already exist.

When creating an invoice in Visma, the customer will be automatically created in Visma if it does not already exist.

Creating an Invoice

You can easily create an invoice for all hours, expenses, and trips in Visma. Go to Reports -> Hours, select the hours (or expenses/trips), and choose Actions -> Invoice in Visma.

You can also invoice your customers/projects in Visma from Unbilled items under Reports.

This can be useful for projects that have a subscription or fixed price as a billing method.

Creating a Sales Entry

If you want to use TimeChimp's invoicing module, create your invoice here and, after sending the invoice to the customer, create a sales entry in Visma.

You can do this through 'Invoices' (select the invoices) or directly from the invoice itself. Choose Actions -> Create Sales Entry in Visma.

Please note that the invoice must be sent before this button becomes visible.

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