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How to link Infomer to TimeChimp
How to link Infomer to TimeChimp

With the Informer integration, you can easily import customers and create invoices/sales bookings.

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How to easily integrate Informer with TimeChimp and import customers, create invoices, and generate sales entries.

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About Informer

Informer is a company that provides software solutions for business administration and accounting. Their products include an accounting program, invoicing software, inventory management, and CRM systems, among others. They primarily focus on small and medium-sized businesses and are known for their user-friendly interfaces and extensive functionalities.

Activating the integration

To create a link with Informer, go to Settings (gear icon) in the main menu -> App Center and click on the Informer app.

You can activate this for free.

To activate Informer, you need the API code and security code from Informer. The API code can be found in Informer under settings > API keys. The security code can also be found here under My account.

You need to fill this in under Settings -> Informer.

Importing Customers

When you have a link with Informer, you can import all customers from Informer at Settings -> Import. You can then view them under 'relations'.

The link is made on the customer number field in TimeChimp, which must match the customer number in Informer.

There is also an option to have an automatic import run every night for importing your customers at Settings > App Center > Informer.

You can also choose to first create your customers in TimeChimp. When creating an invoice in Informer, it will automatically create the customer in Informer if it does not exist.

Creating an Invoice

You can easily create an invoice for all hours, expenses, and trips in Informer. Go to Overviews -> Hours, select the hours (or expenses/trips), and choose Actions -> Invoice in Informer.

You can also invoice your customers/projects in Informer from Overviews -> Unbilled. This can be useful for projects that, for example, have a subscription or fixed price as a billing method.

Creating a Sales Entry

Do you want to use the invoice module of TimeChimp? Create your invoice here and, after sending the invoice to the customer, create a sales entry in Informer.

You can do this at Financial -> Invoices (select the invoices) or from the invoice itself. Then choose Actions -> Create Sales Entry in Informer.

Note that the invoice must be sent before this button is visible.


When exporting customers to Informer, some fields are required to be filled in. When importing customers to Informer, the following fields are mandatory:





-Chamber of Commerce number


These fields are filled with placeholders in Informer.

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