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Help, I get an empty invoice! How do I fix this?
Help, I get an empty invoice! How do I fix this?

Tips and Tricks to Fix 0-Invoice Errors and Ensure Proper Payment

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In this article, we'll give you solutions to make sure you get paid for your invoice!

Receiving a 0 invoice while you have registrations? That's not supposed to happen. Check the following points.

  • Is there an amount listed in Overviews?

    In Overviews, turn on the column "amount" to see if your registrations have a value. If they don't have a value, then you haven't filled in rates. Are you working without projects? Enter an amount at the activity level. Read here how to do it.

  • Are your activities marked as billable?

    Let's say you've entered an amount, but there's still no amount in Overviews. It could be because your activity isn't marked as billable. Are you working without projects? Check it under the tab Management > Activities. Are you working with projects? Check it at the project level to see if the checkmark is on.

  • Are your registrations approved?

    Are you working with an approval flow? It could be that your hours haven't been approved yet. Find your chosen approval flow at Settings > Approve. Then check in Overviews if the status(es) are set to approved.

  • Check the employee's contract and rate

    It could also be that the employee's contract (in HRM) has expired, causing the rate not to be considered anymore. The same may apply to the rate period; you can find this by editing the project, going to the 'Employees' section, and then clicking on the dashes. Check the start and end dates of the periods here.

    Still getting a 0 invoice? Please contact our support team and we'll be happy to help you out.

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