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How to Create a Task?

In this article, we will explain how to create and edit tasks.

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To create a task, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the gear icon.

  2. Select "Manage" from the menu.

  3. Choose "Tasks."

  4. Click on "+ New Task."

  5. A pop-up will appear with the following fields:


Give your task a recognizable name that everyone in your organization can identify. You can use this task for multiple clients/projects.


If you ever need to run an analysis on a group of tasks, you can assign a label to them. This label can be used as a filtering option when generating reports.


You can use this field to link the task to your accounting software.

Payroll package hour code:

You will see the payroll package hour code field only if you have integrated with a payroll administration program. You can use this field to link the task to the appropriate hour code or wage component in the payroll administration program.

Set as default for new projects:

Now, consider whether you will use this task frequently for multiple clients/projects. If so, select the option to set it as the default for new projects.

Update task for all current projects:

If you have a new task within your organization or haven't created it yet, but you want it to be bookable by default for all projects, check the bottom checkbox labeled "Add task to all current projects."

If you want to edit the task at a later time, keep in mind that deleting the task will only remove the task itself and not the hours that were recorded under that task.

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