How to edit registrations

A roadmap to edit your hours, expenses & milages

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In this article, we discuss the steps you need to take to edit your registrations. We explain the editing of your hours, expenses & milages

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Finding your registrations

Hello there! Are you in a situation where you have already registered your worked hours or expenses but need to make changes?

When you access the reports tab, you will be able to view a concise summary of your registered hours, expenses, and/or trips. By utilizing the filters, you can quickly locate the specific hours that you have previously entered and which you want to edit.

Editing registrations

Have any registrations been made that you would like to edit? Select your time registration(s) here and click on 'actions' > edit hours. The same goes for your expenses & milages!

Note! Are you editing several time registrations at once? Then make sure that in the pop-up screen you set only the item you want to edit to YES. Should you set it to YES and then leave the field empty? Then the registration will be saved with an empty field.

As an example:

You made registrations on the wrong project, follow the steps above first. Then at Customer, Project, Activity, only slide the slider to YES. This is where you enter the customer, project and activity. It is important that you enter all 3 fields. If you leave a field blank, it means that the registration is not linked to the value, but left blank.

If you are a user and you have already submitted your hours, please request your manager to edit them! Also, if hours, expenses or milages have already been approved, the registrations must first be changed to open. Select the registrations > actions > changes status to open.

Deleting registrations

What a bummer, you made a registration by accident or have other reasons to delete it. Happens to the best of us. If editing your registrations is not enough, go through the same steps but instead click on Delete rather than Edit for you to get rid of them.

Bare in mind that, once again, the registration status needs to be open. NOTE, this only applies to you if you need to submit your registrations! This means that if you are a user and you submitted your hours, only your manager or assigned TimeChimp admin, can delete your hours or change the status.

Are you an admin? Follow the same steps as mentioned earlier. Select the registrations > actions > change status to open > delete. If you want the user to delete it him-/ herself, please disapprove the registrations.

Everyone makes mistakes! Inform your manager and edit your times.

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