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How to (de)activate modules
How to (de)activate modules

Activate the modules that you want to use and turn off the ones you don't use.

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When you make changes to your subscription, you can activate new modules. You can also deactivate modules that you no longer use. This way, you can maintain an overview in your TimeChimp account for both yourself and your employees.

Please note: To (de)activate a module, you need access to the TimeChimp settings, which requires an administrator account.

Do you have an administrator account? Let's proceed!

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of TimeChimp to access the settings. Then, go to 'App Center.' Here, you will see all the modules that TimeChimp offers. You will also see if a module is already activated.

Click on a module to activate or deactivate it in your TimeChimp environment. After opening the module, you will see the option to 'activate' or 'deactivate' in the top right corner.

If you have a subscription that doesn't provide access to a specific module, you can always try that module for free for 14 days! Instead of 'activate' you will see 'try [feature] free for 14 days!'.

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