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How to connect e-boekhouden to TimeChimp
How to connect e-boekhouden to TimeChimp

With the e-boekhouden integration, you can easily import customers and create invoices/sales bookings.

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How to easily integrate e-boekhouden with TimeChimp and import customers, create invoices, and generate sales entries.

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About e-Boekhouden

e-Boekhouden is an online accounting software platform that supports businesses in managing their financial administration. It enables users to efficiently and effectively perform their bookkeeping tasks through an online system, without the need for local software installation.

With e-Boekhouden, users can perform various accounting tasks such as creating invoices, managing income and expenses, tracking bank transactions, generating financial reports, and filing VAT returns. It also offers features like automatic processing of bank statements and importing data from other systems.

Activating the Integration

To establish a connection with e-Boekhouden, go to Settings (gear icon) in the main menu -> App Center and click on the e-Boekhouden app. You can activate it for free.

Upon activation, you will be redirected to e-Boekhouden to enter your login credentials and grant TimeChimp access.

Once you have successfully completed this process, you will be redirected to the e-Boekhouden settings page in TimeChimp (Settings -> e-Boekhouden). Fill in all the settings as completely as possible.

Importing Customers

When you have a connection with e-Boekhouden, you can import all customers from e-Boekhouden by going to Settings -> Import in TimeChimp. You can then view them in Management -> Customers.

The connection is made based on the customer number field in TimeChimp, which should match the customer number in e-Boekhouden.

There is also an option to set up an automatic nightly import for importing your customers in Settings -> e-Boekhouden.

Alternatively, you can choose to create your customers in TimeChimp first. When creating an invoice in e-Boekhouden, the customer will be automatically created in e-Boekhouden if it doesn't already exist.

Creating an Invoice

You can easily create an invoice for all hours, expenses, and trips in e-Boekhouden.

Go to Overview -> Hours, select the hours (or expenses/trips), and choose Actions -> Invoice in e-Boekhouden.

You can also invoice your customers/projects in e-Boekhouden from Overview -> Unbilled.

This can be useful for projects that use a subscription or fixed price as the billing method.

Creating a Sales Entry

If you want to use the invoice module of TimeChimp, create your invoice and, after sending the invoice to the customer, create a sales entry in e-Boekhouden.

You can do this via 'Invoices' (select the invoices) or from the invoice itself. Choose Actions -> Create Sales Entry in e-Boekhouden.

Note that the invoice must be sent before this button becomes visible.


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