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TimeChimp has the ability to assign different roles to employees. In this article, we will tell you more about the possibilities and what they do.

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The different roles within TimeChimp

TimeChimp has 4 standard roles. Namely:

  • Administrator

  • Project Manager

  • Team Manager

  • User

You can assign roles when creating a new employee under HRM. You can always adjust an employee's role by editing their profile.

Explanation of the rights of the roles


The administrator has all the rights in the environment.

Project Manager

For a project manager, there are several rights that can be turned on. Below is an explanation of what the project manager can do with each right.

Right 'Manage all projects' set to YES:

  • Has access to HRM

  • Can view all projects and create/edit/archive/delete projects

  • Can register for all employees and edit/delete registrations

  • Can change the status of registrations to registered, approved, rejected, and debited

  • Can create hour specifications

  • Has access to teams: create new employees, edit employees, lock employees, and delete employees

  • Can see costs/expenses/revenues, etc. in teams of all employees

  • Does NOT have access to the management tab and general settings tab.

Right 'Access costs' set to YES:

  • Can view the costs of the project they are the project manager of (including the above right; then the project manager can view the costs of all projects in the project dashboard).

Right 'Access invoices' set to YES:

  • The project manager can view all invoices in financials > invoices.

  • The project manager can create and send invoices.

  • Integration with an accounting tool? Can also create sales entries and invoice directly in the other tool from TimeChimp.

  • The project manager can create invoices from overviews. This means that the status of the registrations that are invoiced changes from registered to invoiced.

  • The project manager has access to the financials > unbilled tab (can also invoice from this tab).

Right 'Access quotes' set to YES:

  • The project manager can view all quotes in financials > quotes.

  • The project manager can create and send quotes.

Right 'Financial data" set to YES:

  • The user can view financial data of employees, projects & registrations the user has access to.

Right 'Create labels' set to YES:

  • The project manager can create hour labels from the 'Register' tab. These labels are visible to all employees when registering.

Team Manager

A team manager can:

  • Create a team

  • Approve hours of their team

  • View registrations of their team members in overviews and export them

  • As an administrator, project manager, and team manager, you can create a team.


A user has access to the 'register', 'overviews', and their own profile tabs.

In the 'register' tab, the user registers on the clients, projects, and/or activities they are authorized to write on.

In the 'overviews' tab, the user only sees their own registrations.

In 'My profile', the employee has access to their dashboard (viewing leave, overtime, and planning) and can change their own name, email address, or password.

Right 'Create labels' set to YES:

The user can create hour labels from the 'Register' tab. These labels are visible to all employees when registering.

Creating roles yourself

The standard roles that TimeChimp offers can't be edited but if the above roles are not sufficient, you can enable the 'roles' module to create your own role and define what rights this role should have. First go to the App Center to activate the Roles module.

Note! You need the professional package for the 'Roles' module.

Once activated, you can create a role and customize its rights from the 'Manage' > 'Roles'.

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