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How do I approve or reject hours?
How do I approve or reject hours?

Want to approve (or reject) the hours your employees made? Quickly learn how this is done in TimeChimp!

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In this article you will learn how the approval module works and how you can approve or reject hours in TimeChimp. Learn how to offer approved hours to clients. Easily check the status of registrations and ensure an efficient approval process.

If you have enabled the approval module, you can approve or reject registrations. You can find the registrations under 'Overviews', and employees also have the option to submit their hours. If you have a role that grants you access to approve or reject, you will receive an email when an employee submits their registrations. You can find an article about the approval settings at the bottom of this page.

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Approving or rejecting hours

It all starts with filtering the "submitted" hours in the "Overviews" section. Once you have selected the relevant hours, click on "Actions" and you can approve or reject them. Do you want to add a comment to the time registration? You can! This comment will then be sent to the employee.

Approving or rejecting with an external approval workflow

But what if you want to pass approved hours on to the client? That's also very easy! Select the approved hours in the overview, click on "Actions" and select "Offer to client". The contact person of the customer portal will then receive an email with a unique link to approve the hours.

Please note that offering hours for client approval is only available with the Professional subscription.

And vice versa, it works just as easily. If the client approves the hours, you can see in the "Client Status" column in the overview which registrations these are. These approved registrations can then be approved by the project manager/team manager.

And if you don't see the "Status" in the overview, don't worry! Just check the "Columns" to see if "Status/Status (client)" is selected to display in your columns. Easy peasy!

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