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Which plan should I choose?
Which plan should I choose?

Should I pick Basic, Business or Professional?

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In this article, you will read more about the different packages and which one suits you and your organisation best.

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Trial period

"Which license should I choose as a new TimeChimp user?"

This is a question we often receive from our new users. The answer depends on your administrative needs. We recommend that you start with a trial subscription. For 14 days, you can try all the functionalities TimeChimp has to offer without any obligation. In the app center, you can enable or disable these functionalities yourself.

Basic subscription

The basic subscription offers the possibility to register hours (for different clients), as well as illness and leave. This subscription is often used by organisations looking for a simple system for time registration but do not work with projects.

Business package

The Business subscription offers the possibility to register trips and expenses in addition to hours. Furthermore, you can draw up quotations and invoices and there is a project module. In this module, you can manage projects and budgets on which specified team members can register hours. In addition, employees can submit their hours to a project manager or administrator for approval. Ideal if you work on projects!

Professional subscription

The Professional subscription offers the possibility to gain more insight into your projects in addition to registration and management. For example, you can create a project planning and view an audit log. In addition, this license has a customer portal so that an external party/client can approve the hours. This is suitable for companies that want to give customers insight into information, budget and duration of a project and possibly have hours approved by their customer.

After 14 days, you will hopefully have got an idea of what TimeChimp can do and be able to choose the right package. When activating your subscription, you can choose between a credit card charge or automatic debit from your IBAN through a SEPA authorization by selecting 'I want to use direct debit.'

Not successful? Feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements with our sales colleagues.

It is also important to note that all TimeChimp subscriptions start from a minimum of two users; it is not possible to subscribe for just one user.

This threshold is set to cover the costs of setting up and maintaining an account, serving as a baseline price for using TimeChimp.

Additionally, it enables us to provide ongoing support and work on enhancing TimeChimp.

Note: you choose one of the plans for all employees.

Good luck registering and we hope to see you back at TimeChimp!

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