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Boost your insights with the TimeChimp and PowerBI integration
Boost your insights with the TimeChimp and PowerBI integration

Step-by-Step Guide to Activating the Integration and Unleashing Data-driven Decision Making

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This article provides a detailed walkthrough to successfully activate the integration, accessible with our Professional subscription. From setting up the API key to leveraging the TimeChimp PowerBI template, empower yourself with valuable insights that revolutionize your business processes.

In collaboration with Adapt Analytics, experts in data, we have created Power BI templates for TimeChimp. We have a template with three dashboards: one for management, one for projects, and one for employees. With these dashboards, you have immediate insights into KPIs, such as absenteeism, top 5 projects, and hourly rates. Everything is neatly organized in one place, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

PowerBI is only accessible with a Professional plan.

Follow the steps below to activate the template.

  1. Download Power BI

    To use the Power BI integration, you need your own Power BI account, make sure to download and open the program.

  2. Retrieve API Key

    Then go to the gear icon > 'API V2' and click on '+ Key'. A new popup window will open where you need to enter an expiration date, make sure it is valid for as long as you want to use it. Then click on 'create'.

    You will now see the API key. Click on the eye icon to display the API key and then copy the text starting with 'TC_'. This API key is the key to your data in TimeChimp and is needed to retrieve your data.

  3. Download the TimeChimp PowerBI Template

    Now you can download the Power BI template dashboard. To do this, go to the settings of TimeChimp by clicking on the gear icon. Then, go to 'App Center' > 'Integrations' and look for the 'Power BI' tile. Here you will find the template.

  4. Open the Template

    When you open the template, Power BI will ask you to enter the API key. Paste the API token you created in step 2. Then press 'Load.'

  5. Retrieve Data Power BI will then start loading all data from your TimeChimp environment; this may take some time depending on the amount of data in TimeChimp.

It is possible that a pop-up like the one below appears. Refer to the settings in the image. Make sure to choose 'Anonymous' and that the URL is ''

After retrieving all data from TimeChimp, you will see a beautiful dashboard with all the data from your TimeChimp environment. If you see no or little data, check the period for which data is being retrieved and adjust it if necessary using the sliders.

Note: Power BI is a Microsoft program, and you need to have it yourself, which may incur additional costs. Power BI is not included in TimeChimp.

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