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Simplify Your Freelance Invoicing with the Self-Billing Feature
Simplify Your Freelance Invoicing with the Self-Billing Feature

A step by step guide about how to create a self-billing invoice

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In this article we explain how to further ease the burden on the hired freelancer: sending a self-billing invoicing with TimeChimp.

Self-billing is available in our professional plan.

Table of contents

Creating an invoice

Once the project is set up correctly and the hours are logged, it's time for the next step: invoicing for the hours worked. Below we'll explain step by step how to do this for a self-billing invoice:

  1. Go to Financial and choose self-billing

  2. Choose +new self-billing invoice. A pop-up window will appear

  3. Select the desired contractor

  4. Choose which period you want to invoice for

  5. Select the desired description method

  6. Optionally add an attachment

  7. Click create. The invoice has been created!

Sending the invoice

The invoice has been created, but it's still a draft. The next step is to send the invoice to finalize it. The invoice has the pre-set invoice layout and information. If they're not correct, edit the invoice to correct them. Click send to finalise the invoice!

Once the invoice is created, the freelancer will receive it via email. The self-billing invoice can also be found in their personal dashboard.

Resolving incorrect invoices

Sometimes, the invoice may not turn out as expected. Below we explain how to fix it! πŸ˜„

  • Internal instead of my contact details are listed
    The freelancer's hours are being invoiced to the internal client. You can find this under the 'Relationships' tab. Search for the 'internal' client and change the information to your organization's details.

  • There is a 0 amount on the invoice

    This means that the freelancer's purchasing rate hasn't been filled in. Go to the project where self-billing is activated and select the 'Employees' tab. Fill in the purchasing hourly rate for the freelancer.

  • The freelancer's information is incorrect

  • You can fill in the freelancer's information under the employee tab. Go to the HRM tab and search for the desired employee. Select 'Edit' and go to the self-billing tab. Here you can enter the correct information.

Hope this helps you troubleshoot any issues that may arise! Is your mistake not listed? Contact us at support!

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