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How to link Perfectview to TimeChimp
How to link Perfectview to TimeChimp

Easily import customers from Perfectview.

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How to easily integrate Pipedrive with Timechimp and make your life a lot easier by not having to enter your data twice every time.

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About PerfectView

PerfectView is a cloud-based CRM software for small to medium-sized businesses. It helps manage customer files and optimize sales processes, and offers features such as contact and lead management, quote management, planning, and reporting.

Activating the Integration

To create a connection with PerfectView, go to Settings (gear icon) in the main menu -> App Center and click on the PerfectView app. Click activate and then settings.

You can activate this for free.

To activate PerfectView, you need the API key, database ID, and user ID from PerfectView. You can find this information in PerfectView under Settings -> Links -> API.

Importing Customers

When you have a connection with PerfectView, you can import all customers from PerfectView into TimeChimp under Settings -> Import. You can then find these under Management -> Customers.

The connection is made on the customer number field in TimeChimp, which must match the customer number in PerfectView.

There is also an option to run an automatic import every night to import your customers under Settings -> PerfectView.

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