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How to link HubSpot to TimeChimp
How to link HubSpot to TimeChimp

Easily import customers from HubSpot.

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How to easily integrate Hubspot with Timechimp and make your life a lot easier by not having to enter your data twice every time.


About HubSpot

HubSpot is a software company that provides a platform for marketing, sales, and customer service. The company offers tools for managing contacts, tracking leads and deals, sending emails, and creating content. HubSpot focuses mainly on small and medium-sized businesses, but is also used by large companies.

Activating Integration

To set up an integration with HubSpot, go to Settings (gear icon) in the main menu -> App Center and click on the HubSpot app. Activate the integration for free here.

Choose Hubspot New. The other version expires in a short time

After activation, you will be automatically redirected to HubSpot to enter your login credentials.

Importing Customers

Once you have set up the integration, it is possible to import your customers from HubSpot to TimeChimp. To do this, go to your settings (via the gear icon) and click on "import".

Then, you can easily and quickly import your customers from HubSpot. The integration looks at the customer number.

If your customer exists in both HubSpot and TimeChimp, make sure they have the same customer number so that the system recognizes them as equivalent.

Import successful? Then you will find the imported customers under relationships -> customers.

Do you want your customers to automatically come into TimeChimp? Indicate this under Settings > HubSpot.

If desired, your (new) customers will be automatically imported into TimeChimp every night.

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