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Quickly create a new project and add your team members.

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Find out how to create a project and which settings are involved, so you can easily create and manage a project on your own.

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The projects module, in general

With the projects module, you can create projects on which team members can track hours, expenses, and mileage once they are assigned. You can also set budgets and invoice the costs to the client. You can find more information about setting up projects here.

Note: To use projects, you need a Business subscription or higher!

Creating a project

To create a project, we first need to enable the projects module in the app centre. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner, then click on "app centre." There you can enable the projects module. Then, click on "projects" in the menu bar and create a new project.

Project settings

You will now see a vast array of settings. Don't panic! Below, a brief description of what you can configure is provided.


In the general settings, enter the basic information of your project. Select a client and give your project a name. You can also add a project code to maintain an alphabetical order of projects per client ([code] - [name], for example, P003 - Website). You can choose to make it a subproject as well. More information about subprojects can be found here.


Is the project billable? Specify the desired invoicing method under "Invoicing." If you want the project to be invoiced based on "Recalculation", "Fixed Price," or "Subscription," toggle the button next to "Invoicing." Also, select the invoice method and fill in the required details that are relevant to you. Click here for more information about the different project invoicing methods.


Do you have a budget for your project? Enter it under "Budget" and choose the budget method you want to use. To receive a notification when a certain percentage of the budget is consumed, toggle the "Notification" button and enter the percentage at which you want to receive a notification. More information about project budget methods can be found here.


You can choose to associate a certain surcharge with your project, such as evening work or weekend work. You can select from the list of surcharges you have previously created or create a new one right away.


Do you want to allow the tracking of specific tasks for this project? Select those tasks under "tasks," indicate if they are billable, and, if desired, assign a budget to them.


Grant team members access to track their time on this project under "Team Members" and create teams if desired. If you want to add a project manager, read more here.

For more information on adding/editing a project, click here.

Through the Projects section, you can filter projects, export a project, edit projects, and archive projects. When you archive a project, it is no longer possible to record or edit hours on that project. All archived projects can be found under "Archived." You can also delete projects by clicking on the Actions button > Delete.

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