How to turn an estimate into a project

Avoid double effort and convert your quote directly into a project!

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In this article you will read how you can easily convert a quotation into a project to avoid double work.

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The Roadmap part 1

You have previously created a quotation and it has been approved by your customer! In that case, follow the steps below. Have you just finished & saved your quote and would you like to turn it into a project straight away? Then go to the step-by-step plan part 2!

  • Go to Financial, at the top right of your screen >

  • Then click on Quotations in the top left-hand corner of your screen

  • Click on the quote you want to convert into a project or click on the three dots to the right of the quote > Edit

The Roadmap part 2

You have completed all the steps of creating a quote and are ready to send it or you have completed the previous steps. Naturally, you'll want to turn it into a project in no time. Simple! Just follow the steps below:

  • Click on Actions at the top right of your screen >

  • Select: Create project

  • Set up your project as usual

Done! Easy does it! Doesn't it?

Now it's just a matter of applying the right settings. Please note, when creating a quotation, you already indicate the invoicing method and sometimes perhaps already an X amount of hours per employee. In this case, you will find this reflected as budgets.

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