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How to create a customer portal
How to create a customer portal

In this article, we will show you how to set up a customer portal and what you can do with it.

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What is a customer portal?

The customer portal within TimeChimp can be used to provide customers with access without requiring a license or password. This can be useful when a customer wants to view and/or approve hours, view invoices or budgets.

Creating the portal

Step 1: Click on the gear icon

Step 2: Go to customer portals

Step 3: Click on +New customer portal

Voilà! You have created a customer portal

Portal settings

Select the customer and the language of the portal.

Then choose the desired settings for the customer portal.

Attention! Do you want the customer to approve the hours? Make sure that the 'Approve' app is activated and that the 'approval workflow' is set to external, internal → external, or external → internal.

Only when you have completed the above steps will the 'approval' setting appear in the settings of the customer portal.

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