How to create company contacts

Add new contacts to your relations in TimeChimp. Might come in handy for the complete overview!

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This article will guide you through the process of adding new contact in TimeChimp.

Welcome to our guide on adding and editing contacts in TimeChimp! In this article, we'll walk you through the process of adding new contacts in TimeChimp. By following these simple steps, you'll become an expert in no time.

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Where to find contacts

You will be able to add contacts to your relations you have already added in TimeChimp. You can use these contacts for e.g. for invoicing or external approval. Follow the next steps to locatie contacts in TimeChimp:

  1. Click on Relations in the top of your screen

  2. Click on the tab Contacts next to Customers

How to add & edit

Now we have established where to find the contacts, follow the next steps to add and edit your contacts!

  1. Click on + New Contact in the top right of your screen

  2. Fill in the details as desired. You have the ability to set the person as the right contact for potential invoices (this might save you some time!)

  3. After filling in the General information, click on Customers to add the relation they are connected to!

Now you are finished! You can always go back and edit the contact by clicking on the three dots on the right.

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