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Whitelabel e-mail domain
Whitelabel e-mail domain

In this article, we will describe how to whitelabel emails sent from TimeChimp.

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By using a whitelabel, emails sent through TimeChimp from your email domain will be sent instead of This presents an even better appearance to your customers!

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Benefits of Whitelabeling an Email Domain

It is crucial that the emails you send from TimeChimp reach their recipients successfully. However, there is a risk that your emails might end up in the recipient's spam folder. To minimize this chance, you can whitelabel your domain in TimeChimp.

By default, emails are sent from

How to Set Up a Whitelabel?

To ensure that we have full authorization to send emails on your behalf, you can add your email domain as a whitelabel. In TimeChimp, you can enter your email domain in General Settings (cog icon) > Settings > General > scroll down to 'Whitelabel email domain.' Here, you can enter your email domain, and you will receive three CNAME records that need to be added to your DNS. If you are unsure about DNS or have limited knowledge in this area, we strongly recommend seeking assistance from your IT administrator, automation specialist, or hosting provider. It only takes a minute, but it does require some technical expertise.

Please note, using a white label is not available in combination with using a custom domain for TimeChimp.

Only after you have verified and successfully authenticated the whitelabel, we will send emails from your domain name.

Please note: Be aware that it may take some time for DNS records to be fully verified and take effect. After making changes or adding DNS records for email domain whitelabeling, it can take several hours up to a full day for the changes to propagate globally.

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