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How to use TimeChimp with your own domain
How to use TimeChimp with your own domain

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In this article, we discuss how to move from to your own domain.

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Note! The following steps can be a bit complex and require some technical knowledge. Ask someone with IT skills to help if you are unsure.

Setting up your DNS records

To run TimeChimp under your own domain name, you will need to make some changes in the administrator portal of your domain. Add an A record in your DNS manager that points to "". Below you can see an example. Chose a name for your domain, like

Inform us!

Once you've made these changes, send us a message via or the chat in TimeChimp with the chosen domain name. We will complete the setup of your custom domain and let you know when it's done.


Previously, you had to provide your own SSL certificate. To prevent potentially insecure transmission of this certificate, we have switched to Let's Encrypt certificates. If this is not desired, unfortunately, you cannot use a custom domain for TimeChimp.

Note! After creating your own domain, the use of Microsoft & Google SSO is no longer possible.

That's it! Your employees can now access TimeChimp through the configured domain to register their hours!

Please note, using TimeChimp under your own domain is not possible in combination with using a white label.

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