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How to Use SSO?

In this article, we will explain how to use Single Sign-On (SSO) to log in to TimeChimp.

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What is SSO?

SSO stands for "Single Sign-On." It is a convenient technology that allows you to log in once to access various websites, applications, or services. Instead of entering your username and password repeatedly, SSO remembers your login credentials and securely shares them across different platforms. This means you have to remember fewer passwords and can access the things you want to use more quickly and easily.

How to log in using SSO

  1. Go to the TimeChimp login page.

  2. Instead of entering your usual username and password, click on the option "Login with Office 365."

  3. After being verified by Microsoft 365 Azure AD, you will be redirected back to TimeChimp, and you will be successfully logged in.

More information about SSO

SSO via Microsoft 365 login. Please note that Microsoft 365 Azure AD is used as the Identity Provider (IdP).

Note: When running TimeChimp under your own domain name, the option to log in via SSO is no longer available.

Custom SSO for large companies with an enterprise package

Since facilitating this option is costly, it is only offered to enterprise customers (minimum of 100 users) with a TimeChimp Enterprise package. A custom proposal will be created for the client. For more information, please email or contact us by phone.

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