Editing invoice/quote template with CSS

In this article we will tell you more about the how to edit a invoice/quote template with CSS

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What is CSS?

If you want to adjust the layout of an invoice or quote, CSS can help you. CSS is a programming language that allows you to determine the visual presentation of a web page. By applying CSS, you can adjust the colors, fonts, margins, and backgrounds of the invoice or quote.

How do you adjust the layout?

Go to the gear icon > settings > invoices or quotes > click on +new layout. Now you are on the page where you can adjust the layout.

In the CSS editor, you can enter the CSS rules you want to use to adjust the invoice or quote layout.

Do you offer support?

We do not offer support for writing CSS rules.

If you want to get started on adjusting the invoice and quote layout yourself, there are a number of resources that can help. For example, you can start by looking at the CSS code generated by TimeChimp for the default invoice and quote layout. This can help you learn the basics of CSS and understand which elements you need to select and style.

List of classes

These are the classes that you are able to edit using CSS:






.notesExtra beschrijving


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