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How to change your password
How to change your password

Quickly learn how to reset or request a new password

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Did you forget your password or do you want to reset it? That's no problem and can be done in two ways - through your profile or by requesting a new password.

Create a new password through your profile

To reset your password via your profile, you first need to log in to your TimeChimp account. Once you've done that, click on your initials in the top right corner and go to "My settings". There you'll see the option "Change password" in the menu on the left. Click on it and follow the instructions on the screen. Easy, right?

Request a new password

Did you forget your password? It happens, but luckily you can easily set a new one. Click on "Forgot password" on the TimeChimp login page and enter your email address. You'll then receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

If you haven't received the email, also check your spam folder. If you still haven't received the email, please contact our support department and we'll be happy to assist you!

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