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How to use VAT rates

Adding and working with VAT rates, how do you do it?

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This article describes how to create VAT rates and how to apply and use them in the tool!

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Creating VAT rates

VAT rates are managed, just like activities and products etc. You can find them via the cog icon in the upper right corner or read more in this article.

Then click + New VAT rate to create a new rate. These are the rates you can later use with your customers, billing or registrations. In short, create the rates you use within the organisation here! You can also link them with codes to your external accounting tools for example, read more about this in the relevant knowledge base article about your specific tool.

VAT rates for expenses

If you register expenses, you can choose which VAT rate is relevant! Each expense could have a different rate, so always select the right one! Read more about this in REFERENCE: REGistering EXPENSES.

VAT rates for invoices

When creating and/or editing Relationships, it is possible to select a default VAT rate. This is the rate calculated over the entire invoice and defaults to 21%. However, it can be changed to one of the rates you added in management. More information on relationships can be found here: How to add new relationships.

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