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iDeal payment with Mollie
iDeal payment with Mollie
Let your customers pay their invoices with iDeal
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Have your invoices paid quickly and easily by iDeal. Set up an integration between TimeChimp and Mollie to use this functionality.

Set up integration:

  1. go to the app center,

  2. click on the tile of Mollie,

  3. select "activate app".

You will be directed to Mollie. Log in to your Mollie account and authorize the link by selecting "Allow access".

After authorization you need to set up your account properly in TimeChimp. Go to Settings > Mollie. Add your organisation here. We collect the data from the organisation your Mollie account is linked to.

Everything filled in? Click "Save".

Billing with iDeal link

After completing the set up, its time to invoice.

Go through the following steps:

  1. Create an invoice. (Read how here)

  2. Send the invoice by clicking Send.

  3. Choose Invoice type and Sendng method by email.

  4. Go to the Next step.

  5. Check the option "Add payment link" and "Add web invoice".

  6. Choose Send.

The customer receives the invoice in their email. In the online environment there is a payment option with which he/she can pay the invoice.

Payment failed

If it is not possible to do the payment with TimeChimp + Mollie, then make sure that:

  • The possible payment methods are activated and verified in Mollie.

  • The Mollie account you're using is completely verified.

  • The amount of a payment is always more than 0.00.

  • The invoice has a number/code, since that is used by Mollie as description.

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