It is possible to easily and quickly import your customers from Salesforce.

Activate integration

To integrate with Salesforce, go to Settings (gear icon) in the main menu -> App Center and click on the Salesforce app. Activate the integration here for free.

After activation you will be automatically redirected to Salesforce to enter your login details.

Import customers

Once you have set up the integration, it is possible to import your accounts from Salesforce to TimeChimp. Go to your settings (via the gear icon) and click on import. Then you import your customers easily and quickly from Salesforce. The integration looks at the client number. Does your customer exist in Salesforce and in TimeChimp? Make sure they have the same client number so that the system recognizes them as equivalent.

Import successful? Then you will find the imported customers under Administration -> Clients.

Do you want your customers to automatically enter TimeChimp? Indicate this under Settings > Salesforce. If desired, your (new) customers are automatically imported into TimeChimp every night.

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