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How to shift between TimeChimp organisations
How to shift between TimeChimp organisations

When you work in multiple environments, it's convenient to be able to switch environments quickly.

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In this article you will read how to switch environments if you are added to different portals. For example, if you are part of a holding structure!

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Process of creating a new organisation and switching between them

Changing TimeChimp accounts, just like registering your hours, is no rocket science and is actually very easy. If you have multiple organisations (read: entities, companies or administrations), you can easily switch between them with one email address (and log in once).

Follow these steps to create a new organisation & switch between them:

  • Log into TimeChimp

  • Click on the 4 cubes at the top left of your screen.

  • Then click on create new organisation. After you have gone through these steps you can switch organisations using the same route!

  • Again click on the 4 squares in the upper left corner and choose the organisation you want to work in.

  • If you add employees who have also been added to the other organisation, they too can now change organisation.

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