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Create your own invoice or estimate layout
Create your own invoice or estimate layout
Edit the layout of your invoice or estimate a and create your own
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You can very easily design your own invoice layout with your own logo, font and even your own background.

For Invoices:

  • Go to Set up > Invoices;

  • Choose “+New layout”

For Estimates: 

  • Go to Set up > Estimates;

  • Choose “+New layout”

You are now on the page where you can design your own layout. Here you can change the font type, font size, position of the sender and recipient address, a logo / background and the footer.

When you have set everything up, this layout will be used as the standard layout for your estimates and invoices.

Do you want to make more layout changes?  That is possible with CSS. We explain how that works in Adjust layout of invoices / quotations with CSS.

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