You can add a contract for an employee. The contract does not represent the employee's employment contract, but for the period that he / she registers.  In this contract you enter a start date (and if necessary, an end date) and the hours per week that the employee works. The availability and overtime of the employee are calculated based on this data. In addition, you can specify the availability even more specifically with a number of hours per day.

To automatically calculate the overtime, you must enter the contract details with the employee. TimeChimp then automatically calculates from the entered contract start date the amount of overtime the employee has made per week.

Increase contract

You can enter a contract for an employee at Manage -> Employees (edit the employee). Here you see the 'Contract' tab where you can enter the contracts.

Is the employee transferring to a different contract with, for example, more hours per week? Ensure that the end date of the old contract and the start date of the new contract are consecutive. In TimeChimp, the contract must end on a Sunday and the new contract must start on a Monday.

Calculate and understand overtime

After the contract has been performed, the overtime hours are automatically calculated and visible for the employee at 'My profile' and for the manager at Reports-> Employees (click on the dashboard icon).

Overtime is calculated from the first full working week up to and including the last full working week.

Pay overtime or redeem time for time

To pay out overtime you can add this payment when editing the employee (under Manage) in the 'Overtime' tab. This is then deducted from the current overtime position.

If the employee wants to exchange overtime for leave (time for time), create a new activity here. Call this 'Time for time' and link it to the overtime balance. 

Employee availability

The availability of the employee (is shown among other things at Reports-> Employees) is based on the contract hours (per week). When calculating over a longer period than a week, 5 working days are taken into account (Monday to Friday).

If you want to have this availability calculated even more specifically, you can also specify his schedule when editing the employee. Here you specify the number of hours per day. The total of these must correspond to the contract. Once the schedule has been filled in, it will be used to calculate the availability of the employee.

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