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Add & Edit Tasks
Add & Edit Tasks
A step-by-step guide to manually add and edit tasks in TimeChimp.
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Admin users can add, edit, and delete tasks in the tab Manage > Tasks.

Where can you add a new task?

-- Manage > Tasks
-- Timesheets > ‘Which Tasks’ > Scroll down > + New task
-- Projects > New project > Tasks > + New task

Adding a new task

Step 1

Go to Manage > Tasks
Here are all the tasks you have ever added. We have already created Leave and Sick for you to track!

Step 2

Click + New task

Step 3

Enter a name for the task that is understandable for everyone who is going to use it

Step 4

Product/Article (only available when there is an external financial app activated)
* Set to which account this task should be linked
* Manage the accounts at the Settings of the activated app

Step 5

Set the hourly price of the task.
* This price will be used as a standard within TimeChimp

Where does this price come back?
-- Projects > Invoicing Method on ‘Task Hourly Rate’ > Tasks
When you track time on a project with the invoice settings on Task Hourly Rate, this price will be entered automatically. It can still be adjusted if necessary
-- Reports > Amount

Step 6

Set if this task can be invoiced to the customer you tracked the time to
* do you have a project where you don’t want this setting is divergent? Change this in the project itself: Project > select project > Edit > Tasks > (de)select the ‘Billable’ box > Save

Step 7

Will this task be used often?
There are tasks that are very common for different customers and/or projects, for example ‘attending a meeting’. You can set a task to automatically be added to a project when you create a new one. This way you don't have to recreate it for every customer and that will save you time! Who doesn’t want that ;)
* You can always remove the task within the project itself: Project > select project > Edit > Tasks > press the ‘x’ > Save

Step 8

Is this a task that impacts an employees’ sick, leave or overtime hours? Set this option on Yes and select the balance type. You can choose if the time will be added or subtracted from the chosen balance type.
* Use this option to regulate leave or sick days per employee. Ready how to do this in this article.
* Get an overview of employees leave, sick or overtime hours via Teams > Employees. An Admin can see this from all users, and a regular user can only see its own overview.

Step 9

Is this a (new) task within your organization, but do you want users to track these tasks at projects that have already been created? Tick the box in the right corner that says ‘Add a task to current projects’!

Now you know how to add tasks, you rock! Easy right?

Read how else to manage your task, such as deleting them, at this article.

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