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Add and edit customers manually
Add and edit customers manually
A step-by-step guide to add customers manually in TimeChimp
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Hi there!

You must be someone who wants to know how to add customers.. Well, then you're at the right place ;) Follow the steps in this lesson and you'll be able to add customers like a boss. And you probably are the boss. So this all makes perfect sense.

There are two ways to add customers in TimeChimp:

> Adding a customer manually

> import customer information

Add customers manually in TimeChimp.

Step 1. Go to Manage > Customer

Step 2. Click + New customer

Step 3. General: In this section, you can further complete the customer's record by adding their address information.
- This address will appear on your invoices.
* Use the ‘KvK/KBO’ bar to easily enter your customer information
* Add labels to categorize your customers. Read at labels how-to!

Step 4. Financial: Enter invoice details & set a standard hourly fee and mileage fee if you have any.
* Manage your BTW options at Settings > General

Step 5. Contact persons: Enter the contact details.
* Set if this is the contact to send the invoices to
* Do you make use of the customer portals? The contacts you add here are the contact you can link and add in the customer portal!

Step 6. Notes: Add a customized note for additional information.

Don't forget to click on save!

Easy right? Go out there and add your customers 🤩


In this article, you have read how to manually add and edit customers in your TimeChimp account.

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