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Quick start manual for 'Manage'
Quick start manual for 'Manage'
Add clients, tasks, employees and more to your TimeChimp account.
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The Manage module has been developed to manage TimeChimp. The Manage application is only visible to the administrator who is authorized to make changes. Here can you add clients, users, etc. 

Manage consists of the following subjects:

  • Clients Create clients and edit their account. Here you enter name and address details, according to your contact persons and set a customer hourly rate if desired.

  • Tasks Create tasks here that result for clients of under projects. Here you can also edit activities, increase the hourly rate and set the standards for the activity.

  • Labels Create labels here for hours, projects, customers or employees. By labeling you add an extra joint to, for example, your registrations.

  • Categories / Products Enter standard products / categories that you use to register your expenses.

  • Vehicles  (only visible for Business and Professional)Enter the cars that you use to register journeys here.

  • Employees Add your employees here who will use TimeChimp and manage the created employees. Find more information about adding employees and managing employees.

  • Teams Add employees to Teams.

  • Customer portals (only visible for Professional) Invite customers for their customer portal and organize it here.

  • Audit logs (only visible for Business and Professional) See back here when who registered which registration changed from.

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