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Quick start manual for 'Reports'
Quick start manual for 'Reports'
Easily create reports, hour specifications, Excel / PDF exports and invoices
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With reports you have a clear overview of the registered hours, expenses and / or mileage. Through the filters you can easily and quickly find the hours that you have entered.

If you are a administrator or project manager/teammanager, you can also view the hours of other employees here. A project manager can only see the hours of the projects he/she is responsible for. And as a teammanager you see only the hours of the employees from your team.

It is possible to convert the selected hours, expenses and / or mileage within reports to, among other things, Excel, CSV or PDF. Select the rules you want to export and click on ''Export'. The administrator or project manager/teammanager can approve hours. When you select the hours, expenses or trips, you can approve them via Actions > Approve (the approval module must be enabled in your App Centre). You can also invoice the hours directly in TImeChimp via the invoice app or via one of our integrations! (including WeFact or MoneyBird).

TIP: all filters, search actions, sorting etc are remembered within the reports when you return to this screen. 

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